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Possum Removal In Adelaide

Possum Removal Adelaide

Possum Removal Adelaide

Adelaide Possum Removal Experts: Hire From 711 Possum Removal

Are you fagged and irked with a brush-tailed cute little nocturnal creature and other possums? As they may be sharing a common roof with you. Now this affectionate being is rarely human-friendly and can create a mess around them. If you don’t know how to get rid of a possum on the roof, well you don’t need to worry about this infestation of the possum as you have come to the most accurate and efficacious possum removal Adelaide service provider. Here at 711 Possum Removal, we assure you to provide the best services with the most experienced and credible experts for possum removal service in Adelaide. Our professional wildlife handlers adhere to all rules as outlined by the Landscape South Australia Act 2019. So, what are you waiting for? Just get in touch with us for free possum removal quotes and possum removal near me services. Call us now at 08 6490 9791.

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Excellent Possum Removal Services We Provide In Adelaide

Though it seems human to carry possums in pouches, it can be menacing as well. Keeping them away is the best solution. Here are a few services we provide to remove possums in Adelaide.

Dead Possum Removal

Dead Possum Removal

It is vital to tackle the dead possum immediately. As it may lead not only to a sinking smell but also to the fleas and ticks that reside on them, which can cause health issues. So, why delay and think, if you have a dead possum in roof just contact the best dead possum removal service available in Adelaide, to remove the carcass from your house safely.

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Emergency Possum Removal

Emergency Possum Removal

We understand and value your feelings related to the sudden encounter with a possum infestation in your place. You can easily contact us in any emergency as we are full-time available at your service with our possum removal experts.

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Same Day Possum Removal

Same Day Possum Removal

We provide you with the same-day possum removal and disposal service, where bookings are available 24/7. Hence, you don’t need to wait too long as we try to reach your place within 1 hr or so of your booking. So now your possum issue will be removed without making any nuisance.

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Residential Possum Removal

Residential Possum Removal

You may stay in a residential area that consists of many such items that attract possums. And you want to have a hassle-free process of possum removal. Well, in that case, you have come to the right place, we provide our expert services to you for removing possums without any hectic and unnecessary annoyance in your residential area.

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Commercial Possum Removal

Commercial Possum Removal

Wild creatures moving uncontrollably in a working area can be dangerous as well as a serious inconvenience to your business as well. Your stock products cannot be compromised for possum infestation. So, we provide long-lasting commercial possum removal services at a reasonable cost. So that you are not disturbed by either possums or with property damaged by them.

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Backyard Possum Removal

Backyard Possum Removal

Possums can be a serious annoyance to your gardens, where you spent a lot of good memories with your family, or where you have your hand-grown fruits and flowers. So, it is better to convince these little possums to reside somewhere else. Here are our professionals who can trap and remove garden possums and provide you with a safe environment.

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Underdeck possum removal

Underdeck Possum Removal

You can be unaware of the possum making its living on the good food near your place, and choose to reside on places especially the deck or the attic of your house. So, removing them can be easy if the items removed attract them. Our possum removal expert makes sure about that and gives their best to remove it.

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Pre-Purchase Possum Inspection

Pre-purchase Possum Removal

We provide a pre-purchase possum removal service as well, it first involves the investigation of the possum infestation, and then planning for the appropriate treatment. So that you do not have to face unnecessary disruption.

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If pests are creating a hard time for you we are serving Possum Removal 24/7 all over Adelaide.

    All Types Of Possums We Remove In Adelaide, Australia

    Adelaide, Australia, the place known for its, variety of possums, belongs to the mammalian branch of Didelphimorphia. You can easily find many around the local streets as well. Here are a few common names to identify them:

    1. The common brushtail possums have a tail furry and colours ranging from silver, gold, or black with a pointed face and long ears with a pink nose.
    2. The common ringtail is usually available in the greyish tail, having a white touch over particular areas like eye lines, belly, and at the tail end.
    3. Pygmy possums can be classified into many categories involving mountain pygmy possums, eastern or western pygmy possums, long-tiled or little ones, and many more.
    4. Honey possums are commonly found in the southwestern area, with an efficient feature of climbing trees without using their claws.
    5. The mountain brushtail possums have a rounded short ear usually seen in the rainforests.
    6. The northern brushtail possums are 35-45 cm approximately in length and are found near the woodlands. They have a deep black tail with silver-grey touch to it.
    7. The green tail and scaly-tailed possums are the firmly common ones, the former with a soft greenish tail with Gray and yellow on its furry material. The latter is the north-western ones.
    8. The stripped possums have a smelly order on their body found near the trees.

    And many more such types are also available. No matter what the type, we provide you with the best service of possum removal and sealing service.

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    Our Quick And The Best Possum Removal Process

    Possums are large, mobile rodents that can be surprisingly dangerous. To address this issue, our experts use effective possum removal methods for your home.

    • Inspection – This is the first step, where we go to your house, and a proper inspection is made of the possums’ infestation. As to how they should be treated, how much damage they have caused, and how many in quantity are they residing at your place.
    • Treatment – The main treatment involves a humane possum removal method. Instead of treating them like pests or insects, these little creatures should be handled carefully. This includes creating boxes, traps, or plans to catch them and releasing them at least 50 meters away to prevent their return.
    • Post-treatment – It involves a follow-up method, our experts ensure the removal of possums. The final step involves disinfecting and cleaning up the space where they stayed for so long.

    Installing And Fixing Possum Boxes: Safely Catching Possums

    Installing possum boxes is important, to have wider protection from the predation of other species. The preferred boxes are given below:

    Possum nest box on a tree It is simply an installation of a box over the tree, more preferably like a nest. The possums feel safe and get to move to those places for living. And that’s how we, the possum removal experts, catch it to remove them safely from your home.

    Possum control box – These are the best way to seize the possums, the boxes are prepared in a way that provides an entry to the possums while blocking the exit. Hence, they get trapped in that stipulated box. It is a very competent method that our possum trapping experts use to catch possums.

    Possum nest box – Our possum catching experts place a box of about 2 to 3 meters inside the roof, and this encourages the possums to snugly move into those nests. This is how it becomes convenient for our experts to catch it and remove it from your sweet home.

    Top-Rated Possum Prevention Service: Entire Adelaide Trust Us

    There are hundreds of dead animal removal services, but not all are worth your time. Choose a certified possum removal expert with a good reputation, experience, and track record. You get all the excellent advantages with our 24 hour possum removal Adelaide services. 711 Possum Removal offers the best roof possum removal services at the lowest prices, excellent for your home and wallet.
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    Signs Of Possum Infestation In Your Property

    As per our professional possum catchers in Adelaide, there are certain signs on which you can easily detect if any possums have made their entry into your home and turned into their residence.

    • The displeasing odour – The smell of possum poo or poop and bodily stinginess can be felt distinctly.
    • The constant phonation of possums – It involves the possum hissings and shrieking sounds that are uttered by them, making it easy to detect.
    • The involvement of scratching noises – Possum sounds are annoying and they make a lot of noises like hissing, ripping, and scratching that help to detect their Presence.
    • The sudden emptiness of food – Foods can disappear or be damaged around your house. Gives a clear detection of their presence.
    • Causing exterior damage or destruction – They can cause numerous damages in your apartment or buildings.

    Why Possums Are A Big Health Issue For Your Home?

    The presence of possums can create disrupt mental peace as well as unbalance physical well-being. The following are a few of the symptoms of its nuisances:

    Major Mental Disturbances Are:

    • Anxiety in the minds of newborn infants.
    • Sudden fears or panic attacks can be vulnerable to heart issues.
    • Irritation and inconvenience can lead to difficulty in continuing daily life schedules.
    • Unpleasant order can lead to frequent cleaning, suggesting a pattern of obsessive-compulsive personality.

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    Major Physical Illnesses Are:

    • Tularaemia
    • Fever
    • Leptospirosis
    • Tuberculosis
    • Toxoplasmosis
    • Chagas disease

    And many more such health hazards so it is better to consult professionals for removing the possums.

    Laws And Guidelines For Possum Removal In Australia

    According to the Wildlife Act 1972, the possums are to be secured as they are a part of our natural resources and play a fundamental role in our ecosystem. Hence, no one can catch, kill them, or even provide any harm to them without a stipulated license or else they will have to give penalties. 4-5 times Over the years, several Possum Release Laws and Guidelines have been passed in Australia to ensure their safety. And our experts are fully aware of this fact so they provide no harm to that little creature. Hence, it is always preferable and safe to contact possum pest control service providers like us. They affectionately remove them from your property and release them 50 meters away from you to a safe place so that they don’t find a need to come back to you.

    We Are Available 24/7 For Possum Removal In Adelaide And Nearby Suburbs

    Our experts can remove possums from your ceiling, roof, underdeck, and backyard. We clearly understand that you may have some urgency regarding the possum disposal service. In that case, our professional possum catchers in Adelaide are just one phone call away from serving you with the top 24*7 possum removal treatment. No matter where you reside in Adelaide or near the suburbs, we can help you with our animal removal services. Just call us today and avail possum removal free quotes!

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    Why Choose Us For Possum Removal Service In Adelaide?

    The best services can only be provided by the experts, and our professionals hold Certificate IV in Animal Regulation and Management, so you can get top-class services. Now let us see why you should trust our Possum Removal Adelaide experts and not others.

    • We provide quick and same-day services.
    • Efficient follow-ups for your services.
    • Available 24/7 and easy for bookings.
    • Reasonable price benefits.
    • Best services by our certified possum catchers.

    Frequently Asked

    No, our expert Possum Removal services are not only available in Adelaide, but in nearing suburbs too.

    Yes, we are available on weekends for removing possums from your home conveniently.

    Our possum catching experts are available 24 hours a, and we provide same day possum control service, you can book anytime you and within a day, and our experts will serve you as soon as possible.

    The possum removal cost can vary depending on the size and number of possums that are present at your location. In general, the cost for possum removal will range from $200 to $250.

    Possums pose little threat to humans. These small wild animals typically avoid conflict and will flee if threatened. Although they may display defensive behaviour, actual attacks are rare. When encountering possums in the wild, it is wise to exercise caution and give them their space.

    To prevent possums from entering your home or business, ensure all entry points like holes, gaps, and vents are sealed. You can also deter possums by planting possum-repelling plants like lavender, rosemary, and peppermint.

    Looking For Possum Removal: Our Service Areas In Adelaide

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    In my living room, I found a possum and more often than not, my smaller children might be harmed by the possum. I hired the team of this company and they came immediately after the booking and proceeded with the work.


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