Do Possums Eat Chickens Or Other Small Animals?

Do Possums Eat Chickens Or Other Small Animals?

Possums have long been a problem for both farms and households because they are cunning and nasty pests. These nocturnal marsupials have been known to invade garbage cans, eat gardens, and find their way into homes. Although it is well-known that possums are omnivores and eat a range of foods. But we are going to discuss whether they also eat chickens and other small animals. Or anything else, they can eat and how you can work on possum removal and prevention tips. 

Know About The Possum!

Possums vary in size from a few inches to that of a domestic cat. Despite their bothersome behaviour, they are nonetheless charming because you can find them in colours like black, brown, grey, or white. They like to wander around gardens, farms and houses in search of food sources. At times, they can damage the property and may spread excessive mess. In this case, you may need professional possum control services

Do Possums Eat Chickens or Other Small Animals?

Possums do really eat chickens and other small mammals. Possums are omnivores and they have a variety of food including plants and small animals. Although they are sometimes shown as scavengers and consumers of plant material. As hungry animals, they may attack small animals if the opportunity arises.

Due to their size and comparative helplessness, chickens, particularly chicks and eggs, are prey for possums. Possums are known to invade chicken coops and barnyards for quick meals or food. They will also go for birds, rodents including rats, mice, and voles, and when they can capture them. Possums are able to target both eggs and adult birds due to their capacity to scale trees and enter bird nests.

These marsupials have an omnivorous diet and may eat small birds like chickens. Well, if you have chickens and barnyards on your farm, you can use possum catchers and you may need regular services. You can hire a possum pest control company. Or, you can use repellents, & using the presence of large dogs can also help to prevent possums from coming into human environments. You can protect chickens and other small animals from possums with these techniques if work smartly.

Do Possums Eat Anything Else?

What anything else possums eat is also important when you already know that Possums Eat Chickens or Other Small Animals. Possums can consume and digest a variety of materials, including carrion. The fact that possums have a weak sense of taste allows them to endure things that other animals may find repulsive.

They consume insects, which are essential for free pest management in woods. These marsupials are experts at eating disease-carrying ticks without leaving any negative effects. Possums also actively hunt other insects like grasshoppers, cockroaches, and beetles. And we can say that this habit of possums helps pest populations under control.

Possums also eat a lot of plant materials in addition to animal remains. They may also survive on vegetables. You may find them, searching for food sources such as leaves, grasses, flowers, and fruits. Due to that aspect of their diet, they may start to annoy gardeners because they may damage the garden sections while looking for food. 

What Eats or Endangers the Possums?

Opossums and possums live in habitats with a variety of natural predators. Unexpectedly, these marsupials can be seriously endangered by domesticated pets like dogs and cats, especially if they go near homes. When it comes to hunting and feeding on possums and opossums, dogs and cats have the size advantage.

Wild dogs, or dingoes, are among the natural predators that hunt possums in Australia. These wild dogs are skilled hunters and might be deadly to neighbouring marsupials. Well, you may keep a dog to scare the possums and you will save money from hiring expensive possum removal services. 

Wolves, coyotes, bobcats, and foxes are also opportunistic hunters in this case. Therefore if given the chance, they will go after possums. Some raptors can also be a threat to possums and opossums, especially to their younger, more vulnerable joeys, such as owls and large hawks. These birds can disable and seize the marsupials because of their strong talons and excellent eyesight. Well, it is illegal to kill possums with any technique. Although possums are protected in Australia, still some people continue to control them as they can harm property. So, always consult with a professional possum controller before you take any action.

Possum Prevention Tips

Here are some suggestions for deterring possums:

  • Possums can enter your property through tree branches or other buildings because they are expert climbers. To keep possums out of your property, search for any openings, such as cracks in walls or fences, and seal them quickly.
  • Possums are nocturnal animals that like calm, dark environments, so install motion-activated lights and sprinklers. Installing sprinklers and lights with motion sensors might scare them and deter them from using your property. 
  • You can also keep possums away using the odour of blood meal, garlic spray, or ammonia-soaked rags strategically put throughout the area. It is a natural possum control technique. 
  • Possums are squeamish creatures who like peaceful environments. To prevent them from coming close to your house in the evening, you can utilise ultrasonic devices to cause disruptions. Or, you can ask experts for ultrasonic possum control
  • Because possums are opportunistic feeders, they are drawn to food sources; including bird feeders, pet food left outside, and fruit that has fallen from trees. During the night, keep these food sources out of the way or bring pet food indoors.
  • Possums get onto rooftops and other elevated surfaces via tree branches. Reduce dangling branches by trimming them.
  • Placing spiky or thorny plants in your yard might discourage possums from visiting such places because they find them uncomfortable.
  • Food crumbs and leftovers in trash cans attract possums. To prevent access and maintain the area’s cleanliness, make sure your garbage cans are properly covered.

Possums are legally protected in Australia. So, it is important to verify local laws before doing anything that might injure or relocate them. However, it is essential to note that trapping can be an effective method. Additionally, it’s important to address the root cause of possum attraction to a specific area, such as food availability or shelter, to prevent ongoing issues. You can consult with local wildlife authorities or pest control experts for guidance on the best approach in your area. Always use humane possum deterrents that promote cohabitation with these marsupials if you want to keep possums off your property.