What Does Possum Poop Or Poo Look Like?

What Does Possum Poop Or Poo Look Like?

Are you suspicious about possums invading your property? This can either be the brushtail possum or the ringtail one. If it is actually a possum in your attic, you should take immediate steps to get rid of them by hiring a emergency possum removal company. But before that, you need to find out whether the stomping, thudding, and scratching sound you hear on your roof is made by a possum, or if there is something else! The best way to find out what uninvited guest has nested in your home is to check the droppings and feces of the animal. The answer differs in accordance with the possum species and the food items they feed on. To help you out in this case, we are here to give you a clear insight into the possum poop appearance. 

Does Possum Poop Or Poo Look Like

Know Here What Possum Poop Or Poo Look Like

We have heard a lot of homeowners asking what a possum poop looks like. Check these to understand this easily. 

  • Droppings of a Brushtail Possum

Brushtail possums are as big as cats and their droppings appear dark brown, greenish-brown, or black, depending on what they consume. The excrement is usually cylindrical in shape and size varies. The faeces of a Brushtail Possum often looks like clumps, discrete pellets, or strings, having a rough texture. Moreover, this possum species tend to leave its faeces in a heap, measuring 1 to 2 meters  

  • Droppings of a Ringtail Possum

The ringtail possums are approximately 10mm in length and their feces are a bit shorter compared to the brushtail possums. The colour of the droppings ranges from brown to dark brown to black. Professional possum catchers often describe the ringtail possum poops as an asymmetrical pellet that almost looks like an olive pit. The poop pellets stay in groups of 3-6 while having rounded edges and a granulated surface.

  • Do the possum droppings stink?

The odour relies on the possum species. For example, the ringtail possum dropping is made of chomped peppermint leaves, which means their droppings do not have a terrible odour. On the other hand, the fresh brushtail possum poops smell terribly bad.  

Can possum poop spread germs?

Possums can spread infections through their droppings and urine. These pests carry life-threatening bacterial diseases such as leptospirosis, which bears similar symptoms to the flu. To be honest, if not treated on time, leptospirosis could be deadly, leading to respiratory failure, liver failure, meningitis, renal damage, etc. So, make sure not to clean the feces or the urine with bare hands. The bacteria can transmit through cuts or wounds. Once it mixes with your bloodstream, it will slowly attack your immune system.  In addition to that, a bacteria called Buruli also spread through possum poops, resulting in skin ulcers and bone damage in humans.


Possum poops almost resemble dog poops. It makes it difficult for homeowners to detect possum infestation when they have pets at home. Before you try to clean the feces, you must try to know whether it’s your pet or a possum. If required you can seek professional assistance. Your local certified possum catchers would not only help you to diagnose possum infestation by their feces but also help remove them, making your home possum-proof.