What Noise Does A Possum Make?

What Noise Does A Possum Make?

Do you doubt that the thudding noises in your attic are made by possums, but you are unsure about it? Well, possums could appear furry and cute, but they are not at all human-friendly! Besides causing structural damage, destroying fruit gardens, and spreading threatening diseases through food contamination, the nocturnal marsupials become aggressive and try to attack you, your family, or your pets when they sense any kind of danger or risk. That is why you need to immediately plan a possum removal treatment. And one fine way to diagnose these pests is by their sounds. Possums made a wide range of high-pitched screeching and clicking sounds to communicate with others in their community. And we are going to talk about what noise a possum makes to help you detect its infestation fast.

What Noise Does A Possum Make

Different Types Of Sound Made By Possums:

  • Footstep sound in the attic

Possums are usually shy in nature, so they tend to stay sneaky and quiet at the beginning of the infestation. But with time, once the animals become comfortable in your attic, they become the noisiest pest ever. They could run along the roof, making a ‘thud-thud’ sound. Sometimes, homeowners mistake the footstep noise of the possums for that of rats, which is very obvious. However, the only thing that draws a fine line between the two is the heaviness of the noise. In simple words, possums weigh around 10 to 15 pounds, a lot larger than rats, hence their footsteps sound more intense. On the other hand, these nocturnal marsupials often make a rummaging sound by scratching through the insulation. Moreover, they can even stomp on the drywalls, creating a heavy tread sound.  

  • Sounds made by the baby possums

When the mother possums leave the nest for any reason, the baby possums become very terrified and call their mother making a chirping sound. Strangely, the noise seems similar to a high-pitched bird sound. If you are in your attic and hear similar sounds, you must immediately leave the spot else you can be attacked by the mother possum. The baby possums also make clicking and hissing noises in order to seek the attention of their mothers.

  • Sounds made by the mother possums

Just like baby possums, the mother possums are also seen making clicking noises to communicate with their babies or to alert them about a certain threat. Also, the pesky pests produce a clicking sound to grab the attention of their mates when they sniff any kind of danger. Again if you hear such noises, stay out of the matter and let the professionals handle it. Else, you can end up getting badly injured by the nocturnal marsupials. Sometimes female possums bring out a calling sound to lure their mates for mating.

  • High-pitched screaming, growling, or squealing sounds

Possums are social animals and love to share their nests with their mates. But often, the pests are seen involved in fights among themselves. And when possums are angry or threatened by something,  they usually make a growling noise. Also, during the fight, these pests create high-pitched squealing or screaming noises.

Although it is more common to hear possum noises at night, do not rule out that you might have possums in the attic if you hear the sounds during the day.

Final Words

Possums could be a nocturnal pest, but you can hear them all day round. Both the baby and mother possums can produce a high-pitched screeching or scream for seeking help or communicating among themselves. In short, possums can irritate you with their pitter-platter footstep noise and shrill voice throughout the day. No matter which time of the day it is, you must seek the assistance of professional possum catchers rather than administering the matter single-handedly.