Possum Removal Methods

Possums are active at night and are most restless when we are sleeping. Possum removal must be done carefully since they can pollute the region with their faeces and urine and damage wiring and electrical equipment when they stay on your roof. When they’re around their friends and family, possums can get wild. 

Possum Removal Methods Service

Here are some Possum Removal Methods to get rid of possums:

Method 1: To Remove possum attractants such as food, water, and leftover foods from your home.

Method 2: Protect your home’s exterior entry points; close off the chimney, vent, and any other gaps or openings.

Method 3: Spray your garden with a chemical repellant.

Method 4: To scare possums away, use electronic repellents.

Method 5: Install specialty fencing in step five.

Method 6: Use a trap and bait to catch possums.

Method 7: To provide possums with a different place to live, place nesting boxes in nearby trees.

Method 8: Or call a professional to finish the task of removing the possums correctly and safely, it is necessary to hire a team of experts.

The Most Environmentally Friendly Methods For Possum Prevention

We are a qualified group of possum catchers in Adelaide, and we actively and carefully execute any work that is assigned to us. As we work to remove possums, we follow all the rules that have been set by the government. We are available 24/7 to service our clients and use the most advanced possum removal methods.

  1. Assessing all readily apparent entry points.
  2. Filling gaps with appropriate material for proofing and sealing.
  3. Verifying the security of every ridge capping, especially corner sections, and sealing where required.
  4. Inspect and, if required, reset and fix all bottom roof tiles near the spouting.
  5. Replacing damaged tiles and, where needed, strengthening loose stone walls.
  6. Investigate every exhaust vent and do any necessary proofing.
  7. Inspecting roofs and repointing them as needed.
  8. Rats, which frequently coexist with a possum infestation, can be controlled by baiting.
  9. Areas that are always open, including chimneys and roof joists, are not included.

Hire Us For Any Possum Removal Methods And Services

Possums live in the hollows of trees in their natural environment. Possums get on the rooftops of both residential and commercial buildings since there aren’t many naturally hollowed-out trees in suburban regions. 

  • Possum Nest Box Installation On A Tree
  • We can set a possum nest box on a tree. This is done because it increases the chance of catching possums quickly. 

  • Installation Of Possum Control Boxes
  • We set a possum control box that is used to catch and close them for some time to minimise the damage.

  • Possum Nest Box Installation On The Roof 

We also have boxes that are like possum nests, these attract them quickly to the box and we can easily catch them. 

Call The Boss Of Possum Removal In Adelaide

We are a skilled team of professionals who actively and properly complete our work. We stick to all the guidelines established by the authorities when carrying out the possum removal process. We consistently provide our clients with respectable service.  To effectively control possums, it is necessary to reinforce weak gaps and holes in addition to blocking conspicuous entry points. Possums will not attempt to enter your property again as a result of this barrier.