How Do I Get Rid Of Possums In My Backyard And Garden?

How Do I Get Rid Of Possums In My Backyard And Garden?

Possums are usually well known for their nuisance in and around backyards and gardens. Possums are rat-like creatures with similar faces and tails. Possums are usually born undeveloped as they spend their early stage of life inside the pouch of their mother. Keeping possums in your lawns can be harmful as well as helpful in both ways. Possums eat numerous animals which are poisonous and non-poisonous. Hence, it is beneficial for us to keep it but on the other end, it too spoils the property. In this article we will share answers to your question ‘How Do I Get Rid Of Possums In My Backyard And Garden?’

Possums In My Backyard And Garden

Tips on How Do I Get Rid Of Possums In My Backyard And Garden

1. Put fences in your lawn up to 4-5 feet high

2. You may use trapping cages or motion-activated sprinklers.

3. Remove all the extra bushes, leaves, weeds, and other pruning trees 

4. Close all the cracks and openings available in your property. 

Safety Measures

1. Possums do spread many diseases as they are very dangerous for humans if they bite. 

2. Killing Possums should be the last option to access. Initially, try to entrap the possums and release them in a wild space.

3. They may carry lice, leeches, fleas, and ticks on their body. 

Key Points To Know

1: Secure all the cracks and entry points to your house

Cracks and open holes provide easy accessibility for the possums. Once they enter your lawns and backyards, they are quite difficult to handle. They may make a lot of mess by eating leaves, digging the mud, spoiling the roots, and much more. It is important to close all the vents, cracks, openings, and entrances. Usually, possums enter via the pet doors. As they enter your lawn they climb up the trees to the longest branch and try to enter your house via openings of chimneys or drainage pipes. Trimming trees timely makes it a tough job for possums to enter. 

2: Remove possums attractants such as food and water

Fragrances in cooked food always tempt everyone. Sealed food utensils and stagnant water attract the possums. If you have pets at your home, the chances of possums breaking into your house is more. Animal food has a special kind of fragrance that attracts them. If the leftover food or pet food is left outside, it becomes the feast for possums. In case you have fruit trees in your garden, do take care that the ripped fallen fruits do not leave on the lawn for a long while. As it too temps the possums. In the trash can use sealed bags to keep the possums away. 

3: Use electronic repellent to scare possums 

One of the most effective measures to keep possums away from your property is using electronic repellent i.e. motion-activated sprinklers. Once you install them in your backyard or garden it can make your life easier. These repellents are eco-friendly and deliver good results. Electronic repellents can be used in lawns, entryways, barns, pools, near dustbins, backyards, and other surrounding areas. 

4: Use a chemical repellent for your garden 

If you are wondering How Do I Get Rid Of Possums In My Backyard And Garden, using chemical repellent is another best option. You can avail of the solution from a local hardware store or home improvement store. It can be used in gardens, backyards, flower beds, and structural bases. The chemical repellant may vary from brand to brand. As some companies make them in powder form and some in liquid form which includes the urine of the predator. They are quite pungent and are mainly sold in concentrated form. While you use them, you have to dilute them as per the requirement. Instructions are mentioned on the packing about the usage. They may act as a great relief from the possums if you use them frequently. 

5: Install special fencing 

If you are facing trouble with Possums in the backyard or garden, you may install fencing at the boundary walls of your house. Install a fence of 4-5 inches in height so that there are fewer chances for the possums to enter. Moreover, you can also make them in a half-outward direction so that the possum will fall outside while it tries to enter your house. Any areas which are supposed to be blocked are staircases, porches, crawl spaces, and other openings. Cover them with mesh or metal steel sheets. 

6: Trap possums using bait or a cage

A live trap is another safest way to move the possums away from your house. You can use a cage at night to trap the possum. Sometimes we may plan a small party on the lawn and carelessly leave the leftovers on the lawn. The leftovers act as an invitation for the possums to the feast. As they enter, they may spoil your garden and backyard. It is important to trap the possum and leave it in a wild place. 

7: Install a nesting home for possums as an alternate house

If you wonder How Do I Get Rid Of Possums In My Backyard And Garden. You can also install a nesting box on your lawn. In case, possums keep on entering your living space then. It’s the best way to keep them away from entering your house. Once they find their shelter comfortably, the chances of entering your home are less. The nesting box has a tight space with a narrow opening to keep them warm. 

To Conclude

Possums can create a lot of mess in and around your house if they enter once. Getting rid of them is quite a tricky job. Hence, it’s crucial to take preventive measures to keep the possums away. You may use the above-mentioned remedies on How Do I Get Rid Of Possums In My Backyard And Garden. And if you still face trouble, you may call the nearby possum removalists to help you out. Moreover, as possums are protected pests, it is better to call certified possum catchers, who catch, trap and release possums securely.